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Genesis, in all their incarnations.

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FS: Fox Lies Down: A Tribute to Genesis (CD, 1998)JB05.05.10
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...they say a snow year's a good year...jonny08.01.10
Genesis on SALE @ itunes.com/rhinoprogea05.01.10
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Renaissance 2009 in the Egg Albany was awesomeyosemite samwich10.11.09
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Re: (a.m.y.-OT) Bony Tanksnoauth05.10.09
Re: (a.m.y.-OT) Bony Tanksnoauth05.10.09
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I can never play the drums again, says Phil Col...nebulax12.09.09
???? ?????? ?????? ?? ???? - ??????The Man who can10.09.09
???? ?????? ?????? ?? ???? - ??????drumboy2 two10.09.09
NDV-Rewiring Genesis, Aug. 1 Whittier, CaliforniaJeff A.14.07.09
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phil collins before he lost his hair?metro-golden-meower15.03.09