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patriotic bone 4tetsRobert Elkjer04.06.10
Composers, Performers, and AudiencesSy Brandon03.06.10
[STAFFORDSHIRE, United Kingdom] Wilnecote St Jo...Nigel Horne16.04.10
[LANCASHIRE, United Kingdom] Baxenden Concert B...Nigel Horne12.04.10
[NSW, Australia] Liverpool City Brass Band VacancyNigel Horne07.04.10
[MERSEYSIDE, United Kingdom] Wirral Brass VacancyNigel Horne06.04.10
new jazz tbone 4tetsRobert Elkjer10.03.10
Free Composition or ArrangementRetired Prof21.02.10
622397 access free awesome musis sites on the w...Andrew W.19.01.10
Deadline for Spectacular Summer Opportunity (T...romefestival11.01.10
[LONDON, United Kingdom] Barnet Band VacancyNigel Horne08.01.10
[VENTURA COUNTY CALIF, United States] Camarillo...Nigel Horne05.01.10
[NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, United Kingdom] Nottingham Co...Nigel Horne04.01.10
[MERSEYSIDE, United Kingdom] Heswall Concert Ba...Nigel Horne17.12.09
[SURREY, United Kingdom] Epsom and Ewell Silver...Nigel Horne14.12.09
Paul McCartney?s "Wonderful Christmastime" for ...Art of Sound Music19.11.09
Supporting ComposersSy Brandon18.11.09
"Christmas Time is Here" Sheet Music for Brass ...Art of Sound Music04.11.09
tbone duets for christmasRobert Elkjer14.10.09
Trombone Quartet MusicArt of Sound Music18.09.09
M&V: Philip WilbyMusic and Vision16.09.09
[NORFOLK, United Kingdom] Norwich City Concert ...Nigel Horne10.09.09
[CLACKMANNANSHIRE, United Kingdom] Argyll and S...Nigel Horne02.09.09
New Brass Quintet Arrangement Featuring Bass Tr...Art of Sound Music27.06.09
Jazz Rock Vinyl LPs Auction Salestarry17.03.09
Does Anybody Have Details on the Death of Georg...ansermetniac17.02.09
[CHESHIRE, United Kingdom] Belle Vue Brass Band...Nigel Horne12.02.09
[ONTARIO, Canada] Fergus Brass Band VacancyNigel Horne12.10.08
jazz tbn duet carols, with rhythm!relkjer@gmail.com05.10.08
brass 5tet carolsrelkjer@gmail.com21.09.08
Le web magazine des instruments à vent : c'est ...grandsouffleur18.09.08
[HYOGO, Japan] Immortal Brass Eternally VacancyNigel Horne11.08.08
Best Repair in Charlotte, NCcigar11.08.08
Carmen "solos" for brass quintetrelkjer@gmail.com02.08.08
[GLOUCESTERSHIRE, United Kingdom] Gloucester Ch...Nigel Horne24.07.08
Bientôt.... le webmagazine des instruments à ventgrandsouffleur18.07.08
[HERTFORDSHIRE, United Kingdom] Potters Bar Tow...Nigel Horne18.07.08
[BERKSHIRE, United Kingdom] Pangbourne and Dist...Nigel Horne07.07.08
Local midwest big bandTLC01.07.08
barnburner for brass 5tetrelkjer@gmail.com19.06.08
[GWENT, United Kingdom] Blaenavon Concert Band ...Nigel Horne13.05.08
Roswell Rudd Live and Streaming Online 5/17/08Rootworker10.05.08
Switching to 'boneTony Hwang08.05.08
2008 U of P Summer Music Camp (and scholarship ...Kushol Gupta04.05.08
[SOUTH YORKSHIRE, United Kingdom] Whiston Brass...Nigel Horne15.04.08
[WEST YORKSHIRE, United Kingdom] Wakefield Orch...Nigel Horne11.04.08
[CHESHIRE, United Kingdom] The Bostock Band Vac...Nigel Horne11.04.08
[WEST YORKSHIRE, United Kingdom] West Yorkshire...Nigel Horne01.03.08
[BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, United Kingdom] Wolverton Tow...Nigel Horne21.02.08
New cd!!EBjazz17.02.08