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Vampires are real, Buffy, Blade and many more

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Datum: 02.12.2009 01:26
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The vampires are real they are on a moon or planet.

I could have waited til I got that info out of any one of the various
intergalactic sources I have before I made this post, but why wait.

So if you have a flying saucer, you land on a moon and humanoid
looking creatures you don't know are vampires but look to be human
suddenly attack you, what do you do?

Star Trek included all our planets of our solar system. Planet Of The
Apes is Jupiter, Adolf Hitler found the humans enslaved and freed them
by slaughtering the apes into a point of surrender.

The humans did not speak, never used their voices until Adolf freed

So as Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Wesley Snipes as Blade the vampire
slayer show the vampires not to be friendly, we now have Leni
Riefenstahl showing some are friendly. So from the point of Buffy &
Blade to now, did progress occur and was it Leni and her starfleet
that made it occur?

Where is the "Predator" monster alien that Schwarzenegger portrayed,
they are now friends with earth humans, I think they got a taste of
our, or should I say Saturn/Neptune/Mars carrying earthlings as a
liability "technology"?

Dragons do spit fire, depending on what planet we're talking. Its a
gas inside the dragon that when mixed with the atmosphere it turns to
fire, the dragons are aware of this thus can extract the gas knowing
it's going to be fire when mixed with the atmosphere.

But is Leni with "Twighlight" portraying something that is true -
vampires are now working to be friends with humans instead of sucking
us dry of  our blood, by over-riding their DNA and hormones?

What if they can't, they are born on a planet and have a right to
exist, we land there and don't belong there because we didn't
originate there. If the vampires do not want to be intercommunal with
neighboring planets we don't belong there. But what happens when they
run out of humans? Do they feed on each other?

Would it be culture shock to earth humans to land on a planet that are
vampires? I insist traveling to another planet is just like traveling
to another country. The cuture shock isn't going to be that different,
depending on the creatures.

It has been confirmed there is a restaurant "The Asteroid" on an
asteroid, for the humans from all planets that have humans.

What about a place like in Star Wars "Mos Eisley" a space port where
ships from all over the universe are stopping, like JFK or Ohare
International except it would be "Ohare Intergalactic" - you get a
full experience of leading edge technology for space travel that is up
to billions of years beyond Earth, as well as creatures of all sorts -
this would be the ideal place for people from earth to get calibrated
for intergalactic experiences.

I'd like to find those immortal human beings that are just like
Superman, apparently they may know who I am, even though I am no
longer immortal I'll still pick a fight with them, as long as I have
Bill Shatner to do his flying side kick against them.

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