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Mike Portnoy personality variants BoonDockSaints Saints All Day

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Mike Portnoy was portrayed numerous times, by numerous actors and the
character portrayals all were reliant upon one another.

:31 seconds this Mike Portnoy portrayal was only at the beginning and
the end of the movie, a dreamer Mike Portnoy who was friends with the
Boondock Saints (RUSH).

:29 seconds this Mike Portnoy is the kingpin mobster Mike Portnoy, who
commands mobsters who all resemble the members of DreamTheater. The
ball headed guy[s] are Jordan Rudess

:27 seconds this Mike Portnoy "Jimmy The Gofer" is the lowest rank
Mike Portnoy, always on edge always tense and funny and he interacts
with yet another Jordan Rudess portrayal

:7 seconds again the kingpin Mike Portnoy Mobster yelling at the Jimmy
The Gofer Mike Portnoy, he's always tense & hyper like Jimmy The

1:00 minute Jimmy The Gofer Mike Portnoy interacting with the supreme
Virginia Newbon, who is informing him he is being used and taken
advantage of. Unfortunately in real life Virginia Newbon is not
intelligent as Mike Portnoy, and that is kind of portrayed in this
skit as Mike Portnoy knows that

:44 seconds Jimmy The Gofer Mike Portnoy with the other Jordan Rudess
portrayal, Jordan mocks Michael regarding a panic room subject
scenario, this was hilarious and well done

:52 seconds Gary Weinrib (young Noah) shoots Mike Portnoy, and then
Neil & Alex are shown to be mocking him after his funeral and this
portrayal looks exactly like Mike Portnoy (whomever the actor is), and
note the Neil Peart portrayal is very resemblant to Neil Peart

1:00 minute the Kingpin Mike Portnoy scolding the mid-rank Mike
Portnoy who looks exactly like Mike Portnoy

:06 seconds the mid-rank Mike Portnoy confessing to FBI agent Virginia

In this movie everything portrayed was half truth half lie that needed
to be twisted to be restored to proper full truth. The members of RUSH
undeniably portrayed along with Mike Portnoy & DreamTheater, the boys
hate Christianity and Jesus Christ and they even made note of this to
my father - Neil Peart flys into Wisconsin and has a suite next to my
fathers corporation, and on rare occasion is there. He got my father
into a debate about Christianity how it was bullshit on the speaker
phone as I listened in, my father denying it was Neil Peart. My father
sticks up and refuses to accept Neils views.

But we know Gary is a Jew and celebrates hashnanah
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpx3ODhNQpA, so as in the movie it
portrays the boys killing evil men, mobsters, the opposite is true,
they murder good men who are high ranking barons in society. As it
shows them worshipping Jesus Christ the extreme opposite is the truth
which you have to twist the movie portrayal to get the truth, they
hate Christianity and Jesus Christ.

As Virginia Newbon is portrayed intelligent and self-reliant on her
own skills and knowledge, it is extremely untrue and counterfeit, she
is a robot of Gary Weinrib and totally dependent upon him for

As Mike Mosbach was portrayed as the detective with long hair, in the
first one he was clean shaven and professional looking. In this one he
was scruffy, dirty looking and had long hair. So the progression of
evil has increased that Mike Mosbach has done as his portrayal shows
him to be more dirty in appearance in this one. He was shown to be on
equal level of intelligence with Virginia Newbon. I find that hard to
believe, Virginia Newbon is not intelligent as he is. But I could be

Either way the Martian Earth family members who are pure in spirit and
ethics, 1 million years ahead of us made this movie to communicate to
me how dangerous and twisted the members of RUSH are and that Mike
Portnoy and DreamTheater are having a problem with RUSH.

The extreme portrayal of RUSH worshipping Jesus by having huge Jesus
Christ tatoos on their back, is the communication to me that RUSH hate
me with extreme regard because they openly denounce Christianity. Evil
wears the mask of good. To knife you in the back they have to convince
you they're the most concerned friends of yours.

My mother has a serious problem in seeing counterfeit.

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