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Germania "Hitlers grand plans would test the bounds of engineering"

Von: LIBERATOR (jgchoixx@yahoo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 23.12.2009 07:08
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First of all as I claimed all Germans are truly closet Nazis, proves
true by the guys at  the beginning do exactly the Nazi handshake that
was taught as standard protocol for respect for each other, there is
an elegance to it and they do it exact to the Nazi style.

As they pose to be anti-Nazi working for the sake of history so
they're not doomed to repeat it, you can see by the video they are
glorifying my, I mean Hitlers Germania that Dick is going to help me
complete after he has his security optimized.

I like the part with the River, "diverting the river Spree" it was in
the way so I, I mean Hitler was going to move it.

Glad we didn't get it done because now we can add in a flying saucer
space port for full disclosure in 2015.

You know Bill Shatner & the Martians built our pyramids in Egypt in
about 1 minute. If we run into trouble we can call them. Uh, right?

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