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"Guitar Hero - Van Halen" sucks a big one

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Datum: 23.12.2009 04:04
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.What's most disappointing about "Guitar Hero: Van Halen"
(Amazon.com: http://xrl.us/VanHal ) is that you play as the
older, present-day version of the band members for most of
the game. Rather than reveling in the big hair, tight neon
spandex, and over-the-top guitar showmanship of the band in
their prime, the game forces you to play as the aging rock
dinosaurs of today. It isn't until the last tier of songs
that you finally get to play as the band in their full
cheesy old school glory and beating the game does unlock
the classic version but that's a feature that should have
been available from the start...

Continued: http://xrl.us/VHalen

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