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The ethnicity of white people not from Earth - Steve Martin

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Datum: 22.12.2009 05:30
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There is an ethnicity - not albino - from Neptune.

Steve Martin is this ethnicity, he has had white hair since he was a
child but we're not supposed to know this.

zaha hadid was in a photo with a fashion designer who is a man, has
white hair like Steve Martin and I knew he was from Neptune as well.
The way it works is when you're from a planet other than Earth and
you're here, they do business here so they promote their native tribe-

I was looking on the internet for the fashion designer I'm talking
about but I could not find him. Anyone associated with zaha hadid that
has white hair like Steve Martin is from Neptune. This is an ethnicity
not from Earth.

Perhaps someone can fill me in on this ancestory and race. The last
time I looked for this guy by the general term "zaha hadid and fashion
designer collaboration" he came up right away, now I it doesn't.

These guys look cool with their white tops - "Ice"... I bet they could
vaporize you with a mean glare too, but they keep that secret, hehe.

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