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Defending Mars years back looks like this

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Datum: 30.12.2009 19:44
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This seems to be saluting the Waffen SS or SS in general, but these
are Martian soldiers and the planet is Mars as you can see the red
style rock & soil.

This technology is obsolete on Mars but is still a million years ahead
of us. They blended in earth firearms as you can hear cartridges
explode as well as see & hear the lazers.

GI Joe shows the latest Mars technology, the sound wave guns that take
out entire platoons.

If you were a Mars native human and you joined the military, your
battles would look like this video. I think William Shatner really
loves my, I mean Hitlers SS brotherhood style of bonding. Next time
around I'll team with Shatner and make a Mars division of the Waffen
SS. And Neptune, and Saturn...

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