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OT: Credibility of review of Waffen SS including Foreign Legion Waffen SS

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It makes me feel special when I have other planetary societies that
are 1 million years ahead of Earth showing affectionate appreciation
and even awe of the Waffen SS. But this guy that is the author, he is
mistaken by using Schutz-Staffel in that is not nor was ever the
actual name, it was and always will be Schwarze Sonne (black hole or
black sun - the creation of all life thus the Waffen SS was the
brotherhood of loyalty to the creative force of life). Is this author
just pretending to not know or does he really not know that?

The credibility wanes as you read on but the professionalism in combat
skill was always superior, never at a "fair" level. The only time the
casualties rose astronmically was when these troopers didn't have
artillery or air support whilst the enemy always did. When the Waffen
SS had air support and artillery, they never had casualty rates to be
mentioned. For instance the first contact with US forces and British
forces, resulted with 6 dead on Waffen SS side yet over 320 dead on
the British side. This was the regular scale of results for battle
between Allies and Waffen SS until the Allied air force dominated and
took away artillery and air support. That's when the casualties rose
where if the Waffen SS had 400 men at the beginning of a battle,
they'd only have 50 left at the end - but the key is they still held
out against the Allies who had them 1) Outnumbered 10 to 1 2) Had
artillery 3) Had air force when the Waffen SS did not. For instance,
take Caen, the Allies landed June 6th with all the forementioned
arsenal, yet this is the reality that occurred:

France, 8 - 9th July 1944
Following the stalemate that was the outcome of Operation Epsom (a
plan to encircle the occupied city of Caen), British and Canadian
forces launched a full-scale attack on the besieged city itself. A
massive aerial bombardment was launched, which raised the once grand
city, to the ground. German defenders hung on bitterly, making the
Allies fight to the death for every ruin and pile of rubble.

So the overview here by this guy isn't accurate in many areas. But it
does cover the true fierceness of the SS. They were a team that was
like a hive mind, they worked in harmony without having to think about
it. The Waffen SS after Hitler ended up in control of the USA is who
forged the special forces of the USA, so all special forces that exist
for the USA all came from Hitlers Waffen SS. This is a key indicator
about Steven Spielberg & George Lucas sinister ploy based on jealousy
not morality as they tried to swindle, they act against me due to the
holocaust, they insist the holocaust happened and they don't want it
to happen again so they are against me in this lifetime - but they
know, THEY KNOW it did not happen. So the true ploy of Spielberg &
Lucas is a ongoing crusade based on their personal jealousy of me and
my father in an attempt to outdo me. It's a personal grudge they have
I didn't even do anything to them, they're just visciously jealous of
my ability to perform beyond them, the holocaust is the perfect ploy
for them to use as a mask to justify their assaults and conspiracy
against me. Well they already lost. They do not understand masculinity
and the power of anger for righteousness of which the Waffen SS was
based on. If you look at photos of the Waffen SS men you sense a
absolute fearlessness within them and you can see it in their eyes.

This was achieved by long discussions of all that is reality.
Reincarnation was accepted as the truth by the majority of Germans and
definitely all Waffen SS knew it was true. So psychological vantage
points of all that could possibly be was the insightful reflective
process trained to these men. Aggression - hardcore forward aggressive
behind highly precise skill based on that aggression was what put
these guys above the rest. As they were masters of focus it was
because all possible outcomes of reality were figured and they
understood them. If they feared what was before them it would cause
them to lose their life, so in place of fear they could choose to be
aggressive and attuned to the problem before them (enemy soldiers),
everything about the Waffen SS was intensive mastery of psychological
understanding of battle. The fearlessness in their eyes is genuine,
they do not know or understand fear, it was reasoned out of them.

Furthermore this guys credibility is false as proven by this Estonian
Waffen SS photo where clearly he has the SS insignia on his collar
when he was not an officer, and then it changed as he became an
officer where he had his rank replace the SS letters on the collar. I
hear in Argentina there is a large Waffen SS unit completely integral
to the actuality of Hitlers creation, it was continued after WW2 and
there are over 5 million Germans that live there by using "Peron" as
the front, and the Waffen SS training curriculum is intact and exists
as it did in exactness in Germany before WW2 started.

They were often the most disciplined and fanatic of SS troopers.. With
combat reputations ranging from excellent to fair. Unit such as
Nordland, Leon Degrelle's Wallonien Legion, and Langemarck contained
Europeans that volunteered for service in the "anti-Bolshevik" crusade
against the Soviet Union. Waffen-SS troops as a whole earned a
distinguished combat reputation during WWII, renowned for both
stunning offensive victories and tenacious defensive operations.
Without question, many SS troops exhibited incredible feats of
bravery, courage and tactical brilliance, throughout the duration of
the conflict. While many infantry units fought on the front lines,
more were often relegated to security duty and anti-partisan sweeps.
This type of service against guerilla bands who themselves took no
prisoners lead to many atrocities. The combat record of several of
these units such as the 29th Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS
(russische Nr. 1) on such suhnemassnahmen = "atonement operations" was
often too grisly even for military journalists to cover and stains the
Waffen SS to this day in a portrait of horror.

Late in the war as Germany's hope of victory waned, these volunteers
fought harder and more recklessly. Considered traitors by their
countrymen they had no home to return to. These men with nothing left
to lose became the worst sort of man you wanted to encounter on the
battlefield. Typically these units fought into extinction, refusing to
surrender for fears they would be repatriated to their home countries.
Thousands of Russian Cossacks serving in the SS Kosaken-Kavallerie-
Korps were executed when turned over to Soviet troops as were members
of the Serbian Volunteer Corps when turned over to Tito’s Partisans.
More moderate countries such as Norway, Denmark and Britain jailed
their wayward SS volunteers for as many as fifteen years. Between 1949
and 2007 the German government investigated 107,000 former members of
the SS for Nazi war crimes leading to 6500 convictions. Investigations
are still pending in several particularly in the case of an 86-year
old Dane and others.

The purpose of the Waffen-SS was to impose Hitler's world view on the
greater European continent and those non-German Europeans that served
him often found them living out the rest of their lives in exile,
their service to him voiding their pre-war life.

These foreign fighters were treated differently from the German troops
in the SS. They took a slightly different oath of service upon
enlisting and often wore unique insignia or ethnic uniforms. Language
differences were always a barrier, with most units being led by
regular German SS officers who often treated their men as something
like 2nd class citizens. They were exposed to less Nazi
indoctrination, and the Nazi propaganda was tailored to their
nationality. The were often partly motivated by their own political or
nationalistic agendas such as in the Balkan areas. Himmler ordered
that new Waffen-SS units formed with men of non-Germanic ethnicity
were to be designated Division der SS (or Division of the SS) rather
than SS Division. The wearing of the SS runes on the collar was
typically not done, with several of these formations wearing a unique
national insignia instead. Some units even wore nonstandard uniforms,
for example the 13th SS Hanshar Division had its Bosnian moslem
soldiers wear a Fez hat (see picture). Soldiers of non-German
citizenship in these units had their rank prefix changed from SS to
Waffen (e.g. a Serbian Hauptscharführer would be referred to as a
Waffen-Hauptscharführer rather than SS-Hauptscharführer). The combat
ability of the divisions der SS varied greatly. For example, the
Norwegian, French and Estonian formations performed exceptionally,
while the Albanian and Ukrainian units performed poorly. Some of these
units were formed for propaganda purposes only, such as the British
Freecorps which was raised from British prisoners of War and was
generally kept from combat operations

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