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attn Bill Shatner, re: Mikeus "Porsche" Lovreeny

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Datum: 23.02.2010 08:44
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Bill, in GI Joe you portrayed Michael on the good guys side.

I believed you made a good judgement, but you being busy on more than
just our planet, you sometimes are not here and perhaps cannot
investigate issues pertaining to my situation as well as someone from
Earth. Warner Brothers people have made 3 movies portraying Mikeus as

Leni weighed him out, and portrayed him bad and good by using two
character portrayals.

I would ask you Bill to use any of your resources (entertainment) and
make a movie showing your findings after you make more of an inquiry
to his full scope of activity, with Spielberg/Lucas. Mostly pertaining
to Spielberg/Lucas, as I believe them to be the orchestrators of mass
murder by use of HAARP with RUSH, and in fact the ones that gave RUSH
the NSA affiliation of which they are now ranking controllers of the
agency, Spielberg/Lucas are the ultimate arch enemies of mankind on
Earth equal to or worse than RUSH.

So how far is Michael entwined to them? Why doesn't Michael see that
if he joined up with Warner Brothers he could destroy Spielberg/Lucas
and RUSH, or is Michael faking his loyalty by his 3rd Reich loyalty

Michael doesn't understand most likely from never being a soldier in
warfare thus his soul is not proper in able to be defensive for what
is right, he would rather negotiate than fight even when fighting is
the only right answer, he thus is allowing Spielberg/Lucas to
determine final accomplishment regarding any of his pursuits even if
they are loyal for the re-establishment of the 3rd Reich. Simply,
everything he does winds up being null & void by being loyal and
involved with Spielberg/Lucas, which there is no doubt he is because
of the things that have been done to me and Michael nor Dick Strong
were nowhere to be found.

Every desire that Michael and Dick have always serve what Spielberg/
Lucas ultimately wanted.

So I would like to give you power of insight to help me determine what
is true about Michael thus what I should demand from him regarding
neutralizing Spielberg/Lucas and RUSH, of which only after they are
neutralized can re-establishment of 3rd Reich in Germany occur, and
then the functioning debt-free economy thus no unemployment, no
poverty, no depravity by equal prosperity for all occurring.

Simply Bill, I need to know the full ills and ugly truths about
Michael whatever they maybe. I aim to have data he didn't want me to
have to then leverage him with blackmale to follow directives from the
Hitler sisters and their ties, that be all Warner Brothers people,
sometimes you're one of them, hehe. In fact anyone from our solar
system planets please also participate.

Thanks Bill!

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