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George Takei really eating insects or faking it?

Von: LIBERATOR (jgchoixx@yahoo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 05.03.2010 20:45
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George Takei is from either Uranus or moon Titan, both are way ahead
of Earth as Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Venus are.

I believe George is doing this because humans on other planets regular
diet is eating live insects.

I think he is faking eating the live insects, before eating a frame
cut and new angle takes place, of which candy is substituted or simply
he put the insect back during the cut and then restarted the camera.

Where the 1 and only 1 visible "element" is in his mouth, it was a
caterpillar sort of bug, but again a cut and angle change occurred and
you saw goo drip on his lips, but I say this was candy switched in for
the real bug before they restarted filming.

Again, the point is humans on other planets eat this stuff

He's not gay either he's just role playing.

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