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Piri Reis maps of Earth when it was Terra? What - Jupiter has 113 moons now?

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Datum: 31.05.2010 07:06
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The video starting is a moon of Saturn, and god forbid how retarded I
can be, this is an actual photo and they used a photoshop type of
program to negate the actual colors of the original photo of Saturn.
Then it goes to an actual photo of a moon of Jupiter, and all of them
have intelligent life and some if not most are hostile man-eater
intelligent life. The last time I checked Jupiter only had 63 moons
now it's 113. Life on every one and most of it not human yet
intelligent and even reptillian.


I suppose all those that are dangerous to human life are noted to all
intergalactic travelers all this setup millions of years ago as the
human plants Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Europa and more are truly without
sarcasm 1 million years ahead of earth.

Earths name was Terra before we were in a interplanetary war and lost
of which all human life vaporized, we started it and deserved it.
"Psychic arrogance" by arrogant witches of Atlantis are the culprits.

But I found 3 separate books one from Ron Hubbard that indicate Earths
name was "Terra". I'll name the books later one I already did "Flying
Saucers In Fact and Fiction" by Hans Stefan Santesson, and even
mentioned maps of Earth Piri Reis maps of when Earth was like the
other planets, 1 million years ahead of where we are currently.

I have to study these maps, some are online but are they genuine Piri
Reis maps?

It's been communicated to me there is video of the planetary war Earth
had with Mars, Venus and Neptune [?], showing Earth 1 million years
advanced from where we are today and our starships then, Atlantis -
the other planets have these videos for their own historical

I like Earth better than Terra, uh, Terra is the name of an agressive
woman, lol, I know a couple.

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