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People indigenous to an area before modern colonisation.

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Richard Two Elk fbi contract killerMonica08.06.10
Too many Chiefs, too few red skins ?J.H.Boersema08.06.10
Hunting ground comes back to liferunningwolf08.06.10
Tulalips getting everyone countedrunningwolf08.06.10
Letter shows consultant sought to end Lumbee dealrunningwolf08.06.10
Mark Trahant: Indian Country deals with shortag...runningwolf08.06.10
BIA officer dies after car rolls off damrunningwolf08.06.10
Monica Charles...Serial Killa?Flint_Carrier@hot...08.06.10
Bongo stampede at World Cuptripletask@gmail....08.06.10
I love my readerMonica08.06.10
BP Oil Spill Threatens Future of Indigenous Com...chatnoir08.06.10
Hey t0mMy b0i EvAnS ....Tell me another LIE ...Usenet Legends bo...07.06.10
Will Arizona Racists Force Mural Skin Color to ...skepticl1@aol.com07.06.10
"I was charged with TRESPASSING at the Dundas+Y...K+07.06.10
Re: t0mMy b0i eVaNs blows smoke outta hiz ass a...Usenet Legends bo...06.06.10
Gulf oil spill could push Pointe-au-Chien India...chatnoir06.06.10
Can the oppressed oppress the oppressorMonica06.06.10
In AmericaMonica06.06.10
Black in America 2Monica06.06.10
Latino in AmericaMonica06.06.10
They're setting us upMonica05.06.10
Kamook another fbi informerMonica05.06.10
Question Richard Two Elk should have been asked...Monica05.06.10
zigrossi, richard two elk & automatic weaponsMonica05.06.10
Immunity for Richard Two Elk, FBI Lap DogMonica05.06.10
Re: Gary L. Burnore ..craven LIAR as well as a ...Usenet Legends bo...05.06.10
Re: Rhonda Lee Kirk FriesUsenet Legends bo...05.06.10
19 Year Old American Shot Four Times in the Hea...skepticl1@aol.com05.06.10
YOO HOO >>>>>>Rhonda Lee Kirk FriesUsenet@example.com05.06.10
Rhonda Lee Kirk FriesUsenet@example.com05.06.10
Dedicated to Richard Two Elk Headman of the Lap...Monica04.06.10
Dedicated to the lap dog societyMonica04.06.10
Richard Two Elk legal advisor?Monica04.06.10
Richard Two Elk where is the evidence?Monica04.06.10
Richard Two Elk Traitor for the fbiMonica04.06.10
Richard Two Elk doing his famous lap dance for ...Monica04.06.10
Tiny Dancer the fbi lap dogMonica04.06.10
Remember Easter Sunday 1973?Monica04.06.10
Richard Two Elk?Monica04.06.10
yoo hoo tiny dancerMonica04.06.10
Case against me is all lies, says whaling activ...The Greenwood is ...04.06.10
all-new 'Powwow Highway'O'Brien03.06.10
Monica betrays Native Americanswalt tonne03.06.10
It is racist for you whites to be posting hereMonica03.06.10
Israeli MP's Night of Terror On Free Gaza Aid S...skepticl1@aol.com03.06.10
If you look up teh word ugly in the dictionary ..Usenet Legends bo...03.06.10
PING Gary L. BurnoreUsenet@example.com02.06.10
Hawaiian - Maori Haka...war danceMonica02.06.10
As long as the grass shall growMonica02.06.10