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Re: So, farewell the, Dennis Hopper

Von: Gill Smith (gill.smith.999@googlemail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 03.06.2010 19:04
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"HBear" <heatherbear755@gmail.com> wrote in message
> The guy was a drinky, druggy hack who truly didn't care whether or not
> you're mourning for him or not. So get over it.
> His true claim to fame is not any of his movies, but getting a great
> actress, Natalie Wood, to want to have a champagne bath orgy with
> Dennis & Friends. But then the champagne burned Natalie's &+?X%#!, and
> then the fun ensued at an L.A. hospital emergency room.
> Don't know whether Hopper died today at home, or in a hospital, but if
> it's the latter, that's probably the only thing he was thinking about
> when he took his last breath. He was a B-movie actor, at best, who
> hung with an A-list crowd -- where he was often the third or fourth
> wheel and the least-talented and least-famous person in the room.
> Why do I think his ex-wife whom he tried desperately in recent weeks
> to deprive of all the money looks like John Ritter's ex-wife?

pretty much my take on the guy


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