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First Release of ExAmour

Von: Rémy Saissy (remy.saissy@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 13.12.2006 17:46
Message-ID: <1166028401.680138.166920@n67g2000cwd.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: alt.os
ExAmour is an exokernel, a kernel bound to ensure a fair access to
hardware resources for applications.
The management of those resources is up to the applications (called
environment under ExAmour).

Kernel specifications:
- It presently works on x86-32;
- Each application can define its own memory management policy, its
own scheduling policy an use its own drivers (hardware or logical);
- It is multi segmented, no pagination, no overlap between segments in
order to avoid exploitation of buffers overflows, heap overflow or off
by one;
- There is no drivers in kernel mode. (increases the security,
reliability of the system).

This first functionnal release (developped as an Epitech's end of
studies project) demonstrate how the system works.
The ExAmour project is presently looking for developpers enrich its
team and to it give a real life by creating an active community.

Here is a short and not exhaustive list of possible evolutions:
- linux/*bsd drivers port (and better, creation of tools to automate
- x86-64 architecture support;
- Apic support;
- smp support;
- posix, java vm, .net vm, L4 wrappers...

As you can see there is numerous things to do and we are open to any
proposition... Just think about what you'd like to do and code it!
The objective is to take advantage as much as possible of the
architecture and to keep a strict separation between the access (memory
access in the kernel) and the management (memory policy in the

More informations on the project:	http://www.examour.eu
Link to download the first version:
Contact the team:			examour@gmail.com

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