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Operating systems written in assembly.

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Menuet 0.93V availableMikael Turj03.06.10
BIOS Interrupts for IBM PC archtetureMarcos Carlos05.05.10
pdBIOS32Mike Gonta02.05.10
New NASM (Netwide Assembler) Community ForumSpooK24.01.10
Making your OS go SMPWillow08.01.10
Load 9X16 user-specified font into BIOS with Li...Ashraf25.10.09
biew-6.0.0 has been releasednickols_k@mail.ru22.09.09
66H and 67H override prefixes.SoLo201.03.09
Using calls to drivers from within assembly pro...acteon09.12.08
Bios FontMike Gonta03.11.08
Method and apparatus for image compression and ...Mike Gonta12.08.08
Method and apparatus for efficient transfer of ...Mike Gonta11.08.08
System and method of hybrid forward differencin...Mike Gonta09.08.08
System and method for rendering bezier splinesMike Gonta09.08.08
Hierarchical file system to provide cataloging ...Mike Gonta08.08.08
dos text mode smooth scrool using port 3C0nivS1978@gmail.com09.06.08
aeBIOS Test RequestMike Gonta22.09.07
aeBIOS IntroductionMike Gonta13.09.07
aeBIOS version updateMike Gonta06.09.07
tasm (instruction stuffing)Jacky05.07.07
Intel "Framework" for EFI CSM SpecificationMike Gonta12.05.07
Intel "Framework" for EFI CSM SpecificationMike Gonta12.05.07
IBM PS/2 and PC BIOS Interface Technical ReferenceMike Gonta12.05.07
Development Problem in OSchotu26.04.07
biew-5.6.4 has been releasednickols k14.04.07
is AOA dead ?proteanthread13.02.07
windows (GUI) based table driven cross assemble...*Prot3anThr3ad*24.01.07
Linker files - Where should i use 'load' and 'run'karthikbg19.01.07
x86 instructions are encoded in octal? ?Rod Pemberton08.01.07
Boot Disk / FAT DriverLuke06.01.07
8086 AssemblyRajeev Jaiiswal05.01.07
XT BIOS converted to FASMMike Gonta01.01.07
tinyBIOS converted to FASMMike Gonta31.12.06
Unicode Constantsmikegonta26.12.06
OS development email list ?(Prot3anThr3ad)21.12.06
Free Cable Descrambler Plans & Source Codeclive16.12.06
doubt in protected modeOS22.11.06
New to AssemblyAngela20.11.06
Efficient Sorting algorithm in assemblykarthikbg11.10.06
Chuck probably would like Forreal Mode for Colo...humbubba26.09.06
window captionmy friend ascii23.12.03
i am searching for softicemy friend ascii20.12.03
where can i find softice for xp?my friend ascii20.12.03