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XP Issues - system doesn't see keyboard

Von: jcage@lycos.com [Profil]
Datum: 03.03.2010 04:53
Message-ID: <af87afac-b940-4e47-9007-1dd546f6aa3e@33g2000yqj.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general alt.windows-xp alt.os.windows-xp alt.comp.os.windows-xp
Something in my registry is keeping my system from seeing my keyboard
upon bootup of my XPproSP2 machine.  Might be a virus or spyware but
at any rate, it boots fine and allows the mouse to work okay but the
keyboard isn't acknowledged.  When I booted into safemode, the
keyboard appeared to be working all the way until it was time to enter
a password to get into Admin (when I started to type the admin
password, the num lock LED went out and for all intents and purposes,
the keyboard was dead).  Aside from the keyboard not working, the
system seems to be okay. Also, I have a couple of registries backed up
on the machine if I can get into Admin and if there's a way to toggle
back and forth between the two registries.

When I boot into a guest profile and get into device manager, the CD
and keyboard have that yellow mark as though there's an issue with
that particular driver.  I've tried my normal PS2 keyboard and also a
USB keyboard - both seem to have the same effect.  Anyone know of any
tricks on something like this?  TIA

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