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Re: XP Issues - system doesn't see keyboard

Von: jcage@lycos.com (jcage@lycos.com) [Profil]
Datum: 03.03.2010 21:03
Message-ID: <cf6eb6eb-b5ac-4b92-a270-6034b9fee096@z35g2000yqd.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general alt.windows-xp alt.os.windows-xp alt.comp.os.windows-xp
On Mar 3, 9:09 am, "GlowingBlueMist" <GlowingBlueM...@truely.invalid>
> Steve Urbach wrote:
> > On Wed, 3 Mar 2010 06:29:12 -0800 (PST), "jc...@lycos.com"
> > <jc...@lycos.com> wrote:
> >> On Mar 2, 9:31 pm, BrianAlex <Brianori...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> >>> On Mar 2, 7:53 pm, jc...@lycos.com wrote:
> >>>> Something in my registry is keeping my system from seeing my
> >>>> keyboard upon bootup of my XPproSP2 machine. Might be a virus or
> >>>> spyware but at any rate, it boots fine and allows the mouse to
> >>>> work okay but the keyboard isn't acknowledged. When I booted into
> >>>> safemode, the keyboard appeared to be working all the way until it
> >>>> was time to enter a password to get into Admin (when I started to
> >>>> type the admin password, the num lock LED went out and for all
> >>>> intents and purposes, the keyboard was dead). Aside from the
> >>>> keyboard not working, the system seems to be okay. Also, I have a
> >>>> couple of registries backed up on the machine if I can get into
> >>>> Admin and if there's a way to toggle back and forth between the
> >>>> two registries.
> >>>> When I boot into a guest profile and get into device manager, the
> >>>> CD and keyboard have that yellow mark as though there's an issue
> >>>> with that particular driver. I've tried my normal PS2 keyboard and
> >>>> also a USB keyboard - both seem to have the same effect. Anyone
> >>>> know of any tricks on something like this? TIA
> >>> System Restore?
> >> Would that dump my hard drive contents?
> > System Restore is NOT the same as a Recovery/Installation CD.
> > Note System restore does not always /work/
> > System Restore will disable some programs that were installed after
> > the "Restore Point", (which may be a good thing if it was that
> > program that caused issues).
> Do you have more than one account with administrator levels?  If so, do
> the same thing happen with all of them or just the account you normally
> login into?
> Other than that it sounds about time for a system repair install from the
> origional CD's.
> Since I have not had to do one for a couple of years I don't remember for
> sure if it wipes out anything more than the old windows files and drivers
> Then it's back to the old update's from hell routine until it's caught ba
> up to the present date.

I do have more than one account but the same result - once it boots to
windows OR safemode, the keyboard loses all functionality.  If I click
to login to a 'guest' account for example, I can get in and everything
appears fine but again, the keyboard (USB or PS2) isn't functional.
As I login and look at device manager, it appears that the drivers for
either my CD or keyboard have an issue.  I tried to login and click to
run my Spyware Doctor but it indicated I didn't have admin rights to
do so which again, takes me back to not being able to use the
keyboard.  I have two XPpro registries for this machine onboard - if
there was a way to get to the other one and swap, that would be
great.  I'm *guessing* that some sort of malware is there creating
this mess but I really hate to do a format and start over.

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