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Von: Aubrey Allure (aubreyallure@yahoo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 19.11.2009 00:03
Message-ID: <nNSdnZ8ZvpPf4JnWnZ2dnUVZ_oudnZ2d@giganews.com>
Newsgroup: alt.personals
Hello I'm Aubrey. To chat with me you can find me at Yah00 as AubreyAllure
or A!M as AubreyXAllure. You can find all my sexy stories on my blog page at

I'm a red hot MILF who has nothing better to do with her time than to shop
for lingerie. But even charging my husband's credit cards to the max while
he's out of town isn't satisfying when I don't have anyone to share my
purchases with when I get home. I'm home all alone tonight in my brand new
chemise with no one to help me out of it. It would be nice if the phone rang
while I sat here stroking my pussy through the silky fabric. So help a
lonely gal out and call me!

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