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Darkpoet4bbws scenario: Back of the bus (chain story for bbws)

Von: darkpoet4bbws (darkpoet4bbws@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 13.03.2010 05:37
Message-ID: <13aa227b-afae-42a1-985e-58c2eda39069@b7g2000yqd.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: alt.personals
back of the bus--

.. You sigh with relief after almost missing the last bus of the
night, which is supposed to take you to your car parked nearly 8 miles
away. The old bus driver smiles and nods at you as you board ..the
first thing you notice is a lightskinned man in work out gear who's
attention is focused behind him on the middle seat at the back of the
bus.. where there's a slim darkskinned woman in a skirt and knee hi
boots sitting with her legs together the lap of a large darker skinned
muscular man ..she seems to be bouncing on him gently and as her pace
quickens, she smiles then closes her eyes as the large man peers at
you from behind her..you then notice ..one of his hands slips into her
shirt and grabs her right breast as her left hand grabs her other
breast..she then leans back on him and spreads her long legs wide
giving you a full view of his massive midnight black dick sloshing in
and out of her stretched and soaking wet pussy..you find
towards them and notice the lightskinned man in work out clothes has
his own long and veiny brown dick jutting out of his sweat pants in
his hands slowly being pumped..he notices you and looks like he's
about to put it away then changes his mind and motions for you to come
closer..you look back at the couple and notice her breast exposed and
feel the heat of a long hard slab of dick in your fist..

so..what happens next?

reply with your followup and lets see where this goes..

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