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Darkpoet4bbws xxxScenario: Night School

Von: darkpoet4bbws (darkpoet4bbws@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 13.03.2010 05:41
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You were told you'd be subbing for a pretty rowdy group of students at
a junior college, and braced yourself , ready to rip the head off who
ever looked at your sideways, and was surprised to see the class of
mostly adults over 25 sitting calmy and staring blankly at you as you
read straight from the book..the class consisted of 4 males and 3
females, after about 10 minutes they start loosening up and become
oblvivious to your  presence, which becomes non-existent once a
darkskinned with thick legs in the front gets up and walks toward a
darkskinned athletic type male in the back while hiking up her
skirt..she then lifts one leg up as the man holds it firmly and
proceeds to devour her freshly shaven pussy right in the middle of
your lesson..at this two other twin male students immediately begin
masturbating their equally swollen black dicks as they stare intently
at the scene..the two remaining lightskinned women in the class are
now feverishly
their own breasts and licking their lips as they squeeze their thighs
together..a male in the front of the class just sits calmly unzipping
his fly..he invites you to either touch, lick or sit on his dick which
he reveals to be the largest veiniest brown slab of dick you've ever
seen, you can almost feel its swollen head inside youas your pussy
throbs..the two women turn their attention to you and egg you on
saying they "REALLY want to see that big dick stretch your walls out"
and are soon quieted by each of the twins, one rubs his fat black dick
on her cheek to which she responds by gobbling all 8 inches of meat
down her throat, and the other is bent over her own desk getting her
pussy and ass ate out from the back..you stare at the black dick
offered to you by the fellla in the front row as he strokes it and
tells you you can have it any way and anywhere you want it..

So..what happens next?

Reply with your followup and lets see where this goes!

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