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Von: Aubrey Allure (aubreyallure@yahoo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 19.11.2009 21:37
Message-ID: <comdncZir8UVMZjWnZ2dnUVZ_sWdnZ2d@giganews.com>
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Hello I'm Aubrey. To chat with me you can find me at Yah00 as AubreyAllure
or A!M as AubreyXAllure. You can find all my sexy stories on my blog page at

You know who I am. I am the woman at the bar who wears her skirts way too
short, trying to blend in with all the young girls. I see all your pretty
college coed girlfriends whispering and pointing their fingers at me. But
that's OK I just laugh, because I know that experience comes with age. And
you know that too, you know that I'll do nasty things with you that your
snooty little girlfriends have never dreamed of. Just one glance at you and
I can tell what you're thinking. You wish you had a slut like me to live out
all your secret fantasies with! To experience dirty phone sex call me, I'll
be waiting.

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