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Looking for a like-minded female from Toronto (Ontario) area

Von: b4me2nite (novialterego@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 08.07.2009 18:31
Message-ID: <aef8e9fa-e9a9-419e-84da-248673307c69@y7g2000yqa.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: alt.personals.poly
I truly believe the honesty is always crucial for establishing trust,
necessary in any type of relationship, so I am not going to hide
anything from you.
Yes, I am attached. Although I come from relatively "dry" marriage 
it is not going to change for a while (different reasons), so I am
looking for a person who will accept that. I am not looking for just
sex, however, and I am interested in establishing something on-going,
hopefully long term with the right woman.
We all know that sex alone is relatively easy to find elsewhere ...
but it is not very fulfilling if intellectual and emotional connection
is not really there.
I also know it takes some time to build appropriate comfort level, I
am certainly not desperate, and quality is much more important to me
than quantity.
Therefore, I am looking for a woman, with whom I could spend time in
variety of ways, not exclusively limited just to bedroom activities. I
am very flexible time-wise, so I am sure there could be many
opportunities for enjoying the time we spend together.
I'd like to meet a woman, who is either single or attached, but not
looking for a formal commitment at this precise moment. I want a
relationship which is fully consensual, mutually satisfying, "no
drama", with an attractive, sexy female (slim-to-medium body type),
who enjoys: flirt, passion, spontaneity, excitement, uninhibited fun,
and who is willing to share her deepest desires and fantasies, which
are still waiting to be fulfilled. If it eventually turns into
something more ... who knows? I might be open to those
possibilities ...
I am 44 years young, assertive but laid back, 5'10", height/weight
proportionate (muscular body type), with blue eyes, and European
background. I am very open-minded, well-groomed, professionally
employed not judgmental, extremely clean & healthy, with a great sense
of humour.
Although I may be perceived as a clean-cut professional by day (not a
"sushi" type though), I am a free spirit at heart, I do have some "bad
boy" qualities as well, and sometimes I them roam free, especially
when riding my motorcycle :)
I am for real, definitely not into on-line games or lengthy e-mail
exchanges, so if you are seriously interested in getting to know me
better  don't be shy, reply, tell me about yourself (photo would be
nice), and let me now how you would like to proceed.
- Mark (novialterego_at_gmail_dot_com)

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