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Attractive couple mid-forties Denver/ Boulder area seeks couples, singles

Von: Abraham (abegutmann@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 23.09.2009 03:41
Message-ID: <df95de39-70f1-4fae-88b9-ca1a335d87cd@a6g2000vbp.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: alt.personals.poly
Hi, we are a couple who practice yoga and are interested in sending
our love at all creation... but we want to start with another couple
or single person around our age or younger interested in getting to
know us both. We are open to more casual or more "serious"
relationships with people we both like.She is blond, 135 pounds 5' 9",
gorgeous 46, I am a Jewish guy 6' 2" 175 pounds buff, 47. We are
interested in Eastern spirituality including tantra, and we have just
returned from 2 years living in Peru, Brazil and India with our nine
year-old son. I am a history teacher and she works for an
environmental group.We have been married 13 years and are new to
polyamory,  but we had a great experience at a poly conference in CA
two weeks ago and are looking forward to following up, but maybe with
people who live in the Denver/ Boulder area, as warm bodies and hearts
are more fulfilling than lots of nice e-mails.

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