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Datum: 12.09.2009 06:21
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... seeking fun playmates who think outside the box.

I am: sweet, silly, shy, sometimes serious, mostly playful.

Recovering "good girl," living life to the fullest because if you
haven't noticed, it's short.

Current activities include:
- Becoming more present.
- Expanding my mind, heart and limits.
- Exploring and embracing creativity, pleasure, shadow and light.
- Collecting as many numinous moments as I can.

For fun:
In no particular order: NYT crossword puzzles (in ink), bad karaoke,
roller skating (old school, not inline), dancing, coffee, drinks,
exercise. I write one haiku a week, and am relearning the guitar -
busking is on my bucket list.

My religion:
Currently developing a meditation practice. I am accepting of all
faiths but do not wish to be converted. So, no dogma or fundamentalism

Favorite hot spots:
Walking trails, Landmark Theaters (especially Seven Gables and the
Neptune), Scarecrow Video, karaoke joints, the beach, Asteroid Cafe,
gym. I will travel anywhere, anytime. Have lived in England and
Switzerland. Vancouver's a favorite short trip.

Favorite things:
TV: Weeds, Dexter, Daily Show/Colbert Report on the net. Movies:
anything with a decent NYT review. Food: Varies from comfort to
ethnic. Music: Anything they play on 90.3 kexp. Quotes: "Do one thing
everyday that scares you." Eleanor Roosevelt.

Last read:
"Nonviolent Communication" by Marshall B. Rosenberg. It's become a way
of life for me. While not exactly required reading, it'll impress me
if you take a look at it before we meet. LOOKING FOR:
I tend to look at the big picture, am intuitive, and enjoy imaginative
wordplay and most puzzles. If you've memorized any Monty Python or
know how to talk like a pirate, that will pique my interest.

My work is pretty serious, at times dealing with matters of life and
death. So I try to have as much fun in my free time as possible. I'm
not afraid of acting silly or of PDAs; I prefer partners who are
comfortable with this.

I am affectionate with those I care about and need to feel a sense of
emotional intimacy with my partner. If you are emotionally available,
I will meet you as an equal in that space.

I care about some issues very deeply and became very politically
active in the last election, on the liberal side of things. My
passions move me to action. If you are like-minded, let's talk.

Have taken the MBTI several times and the result is always INFP.

I am full-figured, sensitive, open, enthusiastic, soft and warm. I
present as somewhat reserved and ladylike, but I can be a freak in the
sheets with the right person(s). *evil grin*

Finally, I like both men and women. My primary partner and I currently
live separately due to employment logistics. I am open to any poly
configuration. Have read both "The Ethical Slut" and "Opening Up" and
take being ethically polyamorous very seriously.

If you think we have more things than not in common, let's meet and
see what happens.

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