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new atlanta area polyamory and swinger myspace group

Von: threewayluv (samzspace@ymail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 08.10.2009 02:13
Message-ID: <159d3245-6477-42fd-a704-4ba1d9d2a2db@31g2000vbf.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: alt.personals.poly
This group is for all the people that reside in Atlanta Ga that are
either into polygamy or swinging.

This group does not promote cult like/religious polygamy or anything
like what you've seen on tv. I am not Mormon!
This group focuses on the relationship that three or more people can
share without jealousy or drama. Its not about marriage or control.

Personally, I am not a swinger, but I am more into polygamy, I beleive
in having a loving relationship with two or more girls who care for
each other too. Not one night stands.
I'm into girls with girlfriends.

I made this group so the swinger and polygamy community can come

Remember that swingers and polygamists are two completely different
things, and if you dont know the difference, then feel free to ask.

I currently have two girlfriend and we are all open to new partners.

Lets build this community together.

As soon as this group reaches a certain amount of people. I will begin
to host parties. So people can meet up in a safe enviroment and really
get to know each other.

Please be fit and under 40.

After this group reaches 500, I will then begin building a website for
the community.

Lets all come together and love each other the way it was intended.

Any kind of harsh drama will get you booted.

The url is groups.myspace.com/atlantapolygamy

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