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totally blind musician in Philadelphia seeks uncommonly intense erotic relationship

Von: Orlando Enrique Fiol (ofiol@verizon.net) [Profil]
Datum: 13.01.2010 21:19
Message-ID: <MPG.25b7f4f4db779270989896@news.albasani.net>
Newsgroup: alt.personals.poly
Hi all. I am an intellectual, musically precocious totally blind man in
Philadelphia, 37 years old, 5'10" with blue eyes and a shaved head. I am
Hispanic/Italian, speak six languages and am doing a Ph.D. in music theory at
U. Penn. Romantically, I've been in a five-year committed relationship that has
reached its sexual compatibility limits. Officially polyamorous now, I am
seeking an intelligent, creative, verbal and passionate sexual partner who is
comfortable in a somewhat secondary role to my primary relationship and will
not seek to "steal" me away. Although my main interest in another partner is
erotic, that relationship would by no means be limited only to sexual
interaction. I am open to falling in love and developing a close friendship. It
would of course be ideal if you live in the Philadelphia surrounding area,
although a long distance relationship could be made to work with enough mutual
attraction and desire. My ideal age range would be 25-40. If you are likewise
in a relationship, it might help ease the disparities that might arise. Feel
free to email me with any questions or just to introduce yourself. I am happy
to email digitized pictures and talk on the phone.


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