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Honest, Empathic Man Seeking Bi Woman to Co-Create Committed Triad

Von: Mystic Life (mystic_life@msn.com) [Profil]
Datum: 11.02.2010 12:55
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Warm Greetings,

[You can contact me via my home page:  ropi.net/me.html]

My name is Chris and I am interested in meeting a bisexual woman
interested in co-creating a committed triad.  I'm a single,
heterosexual man who is non-traditional and has pretty much stepped
outside of socialization.  I'd like to co-create a conscious, long
term triad as I believe this kind of relationship has benefits that a
traditional relationship doesn't have.  I believe a triad would allow
those within it to stay connected to their individuality, and also
provide flexibility in terms of alone time and together time.  Since
it's not as likely I'll meet two women interested in this kind of
arrangement at the same time, I'd like to form a trusting relationship
with the woman I meet while continuing our shared search for a third.

Seven years ago I wrote the book "Spiritual Polyamory" under my pen
name, Mystic Life.  Since then I was in a five year relationship with
a bisexual woman during which I found that I deeply value the
commitment and growth of a long term connection.  I've come to believe
that a committed triad in which everyone is intimately attracted to
each other would be most conducive to my growth and happiness.

I tend to connect with people who have done a lot of work in the areas
of personal growth and spiritual exploration.  I appreciate the
qualities of transparency and heart-centered communication as well as
emotional awareness, kindness and gentleness.  I don't find the idea
of legal marriage appealing as it feels incongruent to have the
government involved with love.  I have no children and am not
interested in raising children.

For the last seven years I have lived in a cute, small town (Crockett)
about 15 miles north of Berkeley.  I have an online marketing business
that requires less than an hour per day to maintain, which allows me a
great deal of spaciousness and flexibility.

I have found that peace arises from the creation of a life that is
enjoyable every day.  I believe that increasing one's self-awareness
leads to a calm mind that allows for greater enjoyment of each
moment.  I believe that relationships can increase awareness further
if those involved are honest, vulnerable and committed to developing a
peaceful life.

In the world of the senses I enjoy warm touch, the smell & taste of
food, the sounds of breath & music, authentic films that move me,
melting in my hot tub, laughing during comedies like The Office, &
exploring fresh, enlightening thoughts.

Feel free to email me and ask me anything if you'd like to get to know
me better.

The images below are from November/December 2009 & January 2010 (the
most recent me has the shortest hair).


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