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I want to be the added third

Von: Orlando Enrique Fiol (ofiol@verizon.net) [Profil]
Datum: 16.05.2010 07:19
Message-ID: <MPG.26594a75ec391d60989946@news.albasani.net>
Newsgroup: alt.personals.poly
I have of late been intrigued by the idea of an established lesbian or bisexual
female couple embracing me as a third. I am intellectual, musically dazzling,
multilingual, culinarily inclined and uncommonly intense in my every endeavor.
I live in Philadelphia, am 37 years old, am 5 feet ten inches tall and weigh
over 200 pounds. I am also totally blind from birth. Free from graduate school
this summer, I have considerably more time and energy to devote to an
erotically exploratory polyamorous relationship with long-term potential. I
therefore look forward to thoughtful email responses.


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