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dog odors

Von: wes (xxx1@mindspring.com) [Profil]
Datum: 22.11.2006 07:47
Message-ID: <moS8h.1953$ql2.1128@newsread3.news.pas.earthlink.net>
Newsgroup: alt.pets.dogs.pitbull alt.pets
To make a long story short a pitbull keeps breaking the wooden slats in an
old fence between my
property and its useless owners to get into my yard, obviously to it grass
is better than concrete, I
have told these lazy bastards to keep this animal on there property but to
no avail, this is about to
escalate into something serious. being a former dog owner myself I will not
hurt this animal but I
am tired of finding parts of my yard dug up when I return home from work.
does anyone know of
any odor, smells, or devices that repel dogs thanks in advance. wes

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