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Datum: 27.11.2006 19:34
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Looking for a great personalized Christmas gift idea?

How about a personalized PET ID TAG from PAWPRINT PET TAGS?


Everybody knows someone with a pet cat or dog and our range of Pet id tags
make a great affordable personal Christmas gift and with nearly 50 styles,
sizes and colours to choose from we now have a pet tag to suite everyone's


We still ship worldwide for free and still offer free engraving on all our
pet tags. In fact we have dogs and cats (and People) in almost every country
now wearing our pet id tags.

We are please to announce our very latest range of pet id tags:

§         "Bone in a Bowl"

§         "Heart Tags" perfect for the pet or person you love.

§         "USA and Canadian Flags"

§         "Pentacle" for your cat

We have added a new range of colours to our original paw and single bone

New colours include:

a.. Bright Pink
b.. Red
c.. Sky-Blue
d.. Grape
e.. Brown
f.. White
g.. Teal-green
h.. Lime-green

We still stock the classic colours like Black, Blue, The Cyber Paw, Dark
Pink, Orange-Red, Purple and Yellow.

Our full range can be viewed at www.pet-tag.com.au

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