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Killed Your Dog - Cat Too

Von: Harry (paminifarm3@netscape.net) [Profil]
Datum: 13.04.2007 00:42
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Laddie, the dog, a very rare REAL Portugese Water Dog is
sick. Vet gave him pain pills and Cimetidine (mostly used
for very serious acid problems). When the kidneys close
down (kidney failure) that is what you die of “acid”
(uremic poisoning). Evidently it is a horrible, painful death.

Some Iams products were recalled, however the dry food i
feed Laddie has no wheat gluten listed on the bag as one of
the ingredients. There are pet treats of a dry nature with the
wheat gluten in them, still out there on the shelves.
Thereare still lots of Friskies gravy-type foods with wheat
gluten, on the shelf at WalMart in Tittusville, Pa, for one
that i know so far, and other stores (Dollar General) for one
in Corry, Pa.

What iam getting at is: has Iams gotten away with not
having the dry good recalled, simply because they
fraudulently didnot put the ingredient, wheat glutton, on
the label, when in fact it is in the dog food? It sure would
be one “L” of a law suit if this is a truth and it gets out
. I
never feed Laddie anything but his dry food, because he is
getting old and touchy. What about the dry food, Meow
Mix- original. My cats used to eat it in a healthy manner,
now they stick their noses up at it?

I went shopping today to return a lot of wheat gluten stuff,
and replace everything, and i think i had a shopping,
nervous-break-down trying to figure what to purchase for
the pets, and worry about my own human food. This has
been a horrible experience for me. Laddie has been crying
and yipping since 4:30 this morning, now here it is dinner
time, and i cannot even eat, nor think how to prepare a
meal, iam so scared or something, not to mention sad over
Laddie’s crying.

“In Canada's Globe and Mail, Wiens called it a "horrible
Here's another horrible coincidence: Menu Foods also
waited three weeks after discovering the kitty and doggy
deaths before announcing the recall.
Wow, so that means Wiens sold his stocks at the same time
the contamination was discovered, but before anyone else
knew about it.”
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