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Obama Turns Back on Israel, Pt 2

Von: Wide Eyed in Wonder (kands00@hotmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 08.06.2010 19:32
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From this story...


...we read that Obama has, indeed, turned his back on the state of
Israel.  We have a situation where ships containing individuals that
told others they wanted to be martyrs sailed toward Israel on ships
paid for by terrorist organizations.  The Israeli soldiers came aboard
with paintball guns and were videotaped being beaten by these "peace"
activists (of course a peace mission would beat them...right).  When
the soldiers returned defended themselves, the world condemns them.
The UN that has not condemned ANY recent Islamic attack on Israel
IMMEDIATELY condemned Israel (whereas they couldn't say anything
against Iranian attacks on students for weeks), and Obama (we now
learn) is refusing to stand for our only ally in the region.

I guess his Iranian born Senior Advisor on staff must have gotten her
way...or Obama shares her mentality.

Kenneth W Clifton
(free Christian books and devotionals)

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