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Exploring The Oceans

Von: Abel (abelmalcolm@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 08.06.2010 20:08
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The Gulf oil disaster has brought some much needed attention to a
subject that I think is probably the most vital economic (as well as
ecological) issue of all times.  We spend far less on ocean
exploration than we spend on space exploration.  The technology does
not presently exist for humans to explore and survive deep depths
below the ocean surface.  But that should not stop us.  Back in the
1960's, the technology did not exist to send a man to the moon, but
President John F. Kennedy actually went from college campus to college
campus, giving inspiring speeches to students, he actually pounded on
the podiums, telling students (our future engineers and astronauts)
that he knows the technology does not exist to do it but that he wants
them to come up with the technology to do it.  This is what JFK did,
leading us into the space age.  And this is what Obama will have to do
as well, but our next frontier is right here, the oceans, which make
up, by far, most of the earth's surface.  The ocean waters constitute
well over 70 percent of the Earth's surface, and we hardly know
anything about it.  As a result, we are creating huge problems because
of what we don't know.

The oceans are a massive, unexplored area of our planet, and we know
very little about it, but from what little we do know, it's not good.
We dump huge amounts of pollution into the oceans every day,
basically, whatever we want, where ever we want.  Due to overfishing
and pollution, fish species are shrinking in numbers and shrinking in
size every year, and entire coral reef areas are disappearing.

Businesses have been, for decades on end, exploiting and polluting our
waters, with no consequences being brought to bear, because they have
the political influence to get away with it.  It's time for you, the
average person, for those whose intentions are good, those who love
the oceans, to counteract that influence.  Write as many letters as
you can, to your elected representatives, and let them know that you
want them to increase funding for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration.  The more we know about the ocean, the better we can
protect it.

Did you know?...That if you eat fish at least twice a week, you are
about half as likely to get a stroke or heart attack.  That's because
fish meat is light and easy to digest, therefore less likely to clog
up your arteries.

Abel Malcolm








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