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Wife alleges Teabagger Minuteman founder threatened family

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From The Associated Press, 6/8/10:

Wife alleges Minuteman founder threatened family

by Jonathan J. Cooper
Associated Press

A man who recently served as an adviser to John McCain's rival and
once helped launch the Minuteman border watch movement has been
accused by his estranged wife of threatening to kill their family and
any police who try to protect them.

Chris Simcox's wife, who is seeking a divorce, alleges in court
documents he brandished a gun and threatened to shoot his family on at
least two occasions in late 2009  four years after he became
instrumental in founding the Minuteman movement, which brought
thousands of anti-illegal immigration activists to patrol the
U.S.-Mexico border and report suspected illegal migrants to the border

Simcox, 49, most recently worked as an adviser to U.S. Senate
candidate J.D. Hayworth, who hopes to unseat McCain in Arizona's Aug.
24 Republican primary.

The allegations against Simcox were first reported last week by the
alternative newsweekly Phoenix New Times, and McCain's re-election
campaign circulated the story to reporters.

A judge in Phoenix granted an order of protection on April 16,
ordering Simcox to surrender his firearms and stay at least 200 yards
away from his family.

In her petition for an order of protection, Alena Simcox, 30, his
third wife, alleges that she came home from shopping Nov. 29 to find
her husband intoxicated.

She writes that he threatened her with a gun, "repeatedly pointed it
at me, saying he was going to kill me, and my kids, and the police."

Alena Simcox describes a six-hour ordeal during which she locked
herself and her three children in a bedroom until he passed out at 2

Afraid for her safety, she did not call the police.

"He was waiting by the door for the police to come, with a gun pointed
at me," she wrote.

Alena Simcox also described a separate incident on Aug. 22, 2009:

"On our wedding anniversary, he was drinking and angry. Got a revolver
gun and loaded with kids present. Then proceeded to ask me to shoot
him.' I said no,' so then he said he would shoot the entire family and

Neither Chris Simcox nor his lawyer responded to requests for comment
from the Associated Press.

The alleged threats are the latest episode in a troubled family life
for Chris Simcox.

His first wife accused him of trying to molest their teenage daughter,
according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights group
that has warned about extremism in the Minuteman movement.

His second wife filed an emergency motion to obtain full custody of
their teenage son because it seemed Chris Simcox was undergoing a
mental breakdown and growing dangerous following the Sept. 11, 2001,
terrorist attacks, the SPLC reported in 2005, based on an examination
of court records in Los Angeles.

In April 2004, a federal judge sentenced Chris Simcox to two years of
probation for carrying a firearm on national forest property.

In that case, he was found guilty of knowingly entering Coronado
National Memorial in January 2003 with a weapon and giving false
information to a park ranger by denying that he was carrying a weapon.

"What is most incredible of all is that Chris Simcox managed to make
himself into a leader for a short period of time and was actually
taken seriously," said Mark Potok, director of the SPLC's Intelligence
Project, which tracks hate groups.

McCain's campaign has seized on Simcox's work for Hayworth, a former
congressman and talk-radio host who is challenging McCain from the

"It's deeply troubling that Congressman Hayworth would employ as his
senior adviser, and use as a key campaign supporter, someone with Mr.
Simcox's well-documented history of violent, abusive behavior," McCain
spokesman Brian Rogers said.

"It calls into question Congressman Hayworth's judgment.

Chris Simcox resigned as Minuteman president and announced in April
2009 that he would challenge McCain in the GOP primary.

He dropped out of the race in February and threw his support to
Hayworth, who was better known and has gained more traction against
the four-term senator.

Hayworth spokesman Mark Sanders confirmed that Chris Simcox did some
work for the campaign in the past but is no longer affiliated.

He declined further comment


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