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Gaza Blockage Violates Geneva Conventions

Von: Marcus Aurelius (alexander26a@hotmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 09.06.2010 02:24
Message-ID: <5d058779-1c6f-4365-abdd-829b385dc770@y4g2000yqy.googlegroups.com>
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Israel has a right to impose an arms embargo on Gaza but nothing else.
Israel has a long history of violating United Nations rules,
regulations, and resolutions.
As I remember it, Israel, despite it's relatively small population and
geographic area, has a history of violating UN rules, regulations, and
resolutions more often than any other nation in the world!
The Gaza blockade is clearly an enormous war crime as further defined
by the Geneva Conventions.
The URL of the Wikipedia web site describing the Geneva Conventions


However, because Egypt has lifted it's blockade of Gaza, for the most
part, allowing relief and humanitarian shipments in and some limited
traffic of Gazans out of Gaza, this question is now relatively mute.

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