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Ann Coulter: Hispanics And The Arizona Law

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Datum: 08.06.2010 19:05
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Annie shines again.  Wotta Woman!!!


The media have been crowing that Republicans will lose the Hispanic
vote forever if they support enforcing laws against illegal
immigration, such as the Arizona law. To great fanfare, a poll was
released last week showing that 67 percent of Hispanics oppose the
Arizona law.

The headline on that poll should have been: "One-Third of Hispanics
Support Arizona Immigration Law Despite Frantic Media Campaign to
Convince Them Its a Racist Plot Against Hispanics."

Incidentally, 67 percent of Hispanics also vote Democrat. The exact
same percentage of Hispanics who oppose the Arizona law voted for
Obama over John McCain -- who was championing amnesty for illegals.

Suck up to Hispanics with insane amnesty proposals; get one out of
three Hispanic voters. Do the right thing and defend the country's
borders; get one out of three Hispanic voters. ... Promise to make
every Tuesday "Ladies' Night"; get one out of three Hispanic voters.
Offer them a choice between "Extra Crispy" and "Original Recipe"; get
one out of three Hispanic voters.

Indeed, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released on
Tuesday, only 52 percent of Hispanics oppose the law, while 37 percent
support it. In other words, more Hispanics support the Arizona law (37
percent) than voted for John McCain (31 percent) - which is the
strongest argument for amnesty I've heard in my entire life.

Overall, 66 percent of voters support enforcing the border before
discussing amnesty. A plurality -- 48 percent to 35 percent -- would
like their own states to pass a law just like Arizona's, despite the
strong likelihood that the mainstream media will accuse them of being
Nazi police states.

The New York Times' Linda Greenhouse recently compared the Arizona law
to Hitler's policies toward the Jews. You remember how Jews were
constantly sneaking across the border into Nazi Germany?


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