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Tony Blair: Israel has a right to defend herself (Well said, Tony)

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Datum: 08.06.2010 23:30
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Quartet envoy tells Channel 10: When it comes to security, I'm 100% on
Israel's side.

Israel has a right to inspect what goes into Gaza.Special envoy of the
Quartet of Middle East peace mediators, Tony Blair, said Tuesday that
any investigation into Israel's raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla last week
had to be "full and impartial" and that Israel had the right to defend

In the May 31 raid, Israeli commandos rappelled onto the deck of one of
the ships trying to break Israel's three-year-old blockade of Gaza. The
soldiers were intercepted by a crowd of activists, setting off a clash
that killed nine men - eight Turks and a Turkish American.

Israel says its soldiers began shooting only after a mob of
pro-Palestinian activists attacked them - a version backed up by video
footage released by the army. But the activists and their supporters say
Israeli commandos needlessly opened fire.

The incident triggered a storm of criticism of Israel, followed by
countless calls for an international investigation into the incident.
Israel has so far rejected an international probe, but is taking steps
to establish a commission of investigation within Israel, possibly with
international observers.

Speaking with Channel 10 a week after the deadly clash, Blair said that
he believed the Israeli blockade on Gaza should be lifted but at the
same time he also understands Israel's security concerns.

"There's no question that there are rockets fired from Gaza and that
there are people in Gaza who want to kill innocent Israelis," he said.
"When it comes to security, I'm 100 percent on Israel's side. Israel has
the right to inspect what goes into Gaza."

Blair said he was troubled by Turkey's recent shift in policy that has
lead to a deterioration of the Turkey-Israel relationship.

On the Iranian nuclear issue, Blair said that there was no doubt that
Iran should be prevented from obtaining nuclear weapons.

"Iran with nuclear weapons is not something we should contemplate or
allow," he said.

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