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B,TMN: 'Don't Make Excuses'No@example.com09.06.10
GHOST SEXNo@example.com08.06.10
Democrat, Republican, or Southerner?No@example.com08.06.10
Muslim phenomenon of "adult-breastfeeding,No@example.com08.06.10
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B,TMN as B. BunnyNo@example.com08.06.10
My dog and modern progressivismNo@example.com08.06.10
Looks like PAYlin is ass relevant as vinyl reco...Phil A. Busta08.06.10
I wonder which hurricane will paint the Gulf bl...Ike07.06.10
Every [able-bodied] out-of-work person in the s...The Garbageman07.06.10
The USA isn't borrowing, spending enoughNo@example.com07.06.10
BP claimed Gulf gusher was a 1,000 barrels a da...Republicunt Minds...07.06.10
Anti-NASCAR piece is racistNo@example.com07.06.10
comet becoming easier to seeNo@example.com07.06.10
PLUG THE DAMNED HOLENo@example.com07.06.10
The Rough Beast of ObamanomicsNo@example.com07.06.10
Doea Rush have any kids?Major Debacle07.06.10
Huffington Post: Helen Thomas dropped by her ag...Jane Galt07.06.10
KIDDIE PORN As TV Advertising! Don't Worry, J...Sigmond Fraud06.06.10
Obama The Bullshitter, Helpless, Impotent - A S...Leroy N. Soetoro06.06.10
D-Day congratulationsNo@example.com06.06.10
Obama is a windbag, NOT a leader!ANON06.06.10
Is israel altering the radio tapes on the attac...Disgusted06.06.10
Israel is vetting who is allowed to be in our g...Disgusted06.06.10
Hey wingnuts...got those Articles of Impeachmen...Major Debacle06.06.10
Republican Say "Our Lies And Hatred Of America ...Fascist America H...06.06.10
Ask a wingnut fer proof and ya get a YouTube vi...Major Debacle05.06.10
Obama administration shifting U.S. policy away ...Jane Galt05.06.10
Fox News Report: "Liberal Controlled Media Pers...OhBhamma To Blame...05.06.10
Obama Plans On Raising Your Taxes And Grabbing ...Festus Jones05.06.10
Only Socialist Collectivist Cock Suckers Use In...Steve The Ace05.06.10
Private sector job creation PLUNGED In Junior's...Major Debacle05.06.10
I know how to create 12-20 million American job...Jane Galt05.06.10
ObamaConArtist about to inherit the "Third Grea...C.Tudor05.06.10
More 18 USC, Sec. 600 Obama meddling - Romanoff...Leroy N. Soetoro05.06.10
Liberals in charge, what else? A failing grade ...Leroy N. Soetoro05.06.10
Why won't they tell us the Gulf gusher will dwa...Repukelickcan Shame05.06.10
Fox News Lie So Bad GOP Slams ThemLou04.06.10
We're In A Double-Dip RecessionNo@example.com04.06.10
Michele Bachmann: DAFFY DUMB SHIT's Rising Rep...DampPanties04.06.10
Latest update to the World's best Men's & Fathe...peter zohrab04.06.10
ObamaCare is more unpopular.No@example.com04.06.10
"Sarah Silverman Calls Fox News A '24-Hour-A-Da...RACISTpublican04.06.10
Cardinal: Equating Marriage and Homosexuality i...Major Debacle04.06.10
NUGENT: Don't ask, don't careLeroy N. Soetoro04.06.10
Taxpayers screwed - Prudential $21B Rights Issu...Leroy N. Soetoro04.06.10
Face it America, the Gulf "spill' IS YOUR FUCKI...America The Bushp...03.06.10
Sestak cubed?No@example.com03.06.10
Hamas' inhumanityNo@example.com03.06.10
Taxpayers screwed by Obama - Big Setback for A....Leroy N. Soetoro03.06.10