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Guess what? Not only is 'ethnic statistics' illegal in France but so are ethnic jokes. YOU ACTUALLY GET FINED FOR SAYING 'OFFENSIVE' THINGS, EVEN AS A JOKE!!

Von: Big Boss Crowther (and-real3@live.com) [Profil]
Datum: 07.06.2010 02:06
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Ethnic statistics are illegal in France:


So are Ethnic Jokes:



The French government has essentially committed genocide against the
indigenous population, but NO PROBLEM. It gets off scot free for this
horrible crime.

But when a politician cracks a so-called 'racist' joke, drag him
through the mud and fine his ass.

Yes, the West is finished, as it's ruled by arrogant rich liberal and
leftist elites who are sheepisnly emulated by castrated and
lobotomized middle class whites who are dwindling in numbers yet
sooooo eager to be considered part of the hip 'radical' 'progressive'

But whether it's Europe turning into Afrope or US turning into Mexico,
there is no resistance from whites cuz they've been brainwashed with
MLK trojan horse.
Yeah, Mandela pulled the same shit. So, how is SA doing these days?



yeah, yeah, yeah, you can call me 'racist' and blah blah and pat
yourself on the back and feel sooooo good about you being sooo
progressive and all that shit, but I am not the one's gonna destroy
the West.  It is the rise of Muslims, blacks, and Mexicans, and dumb
white folks castrasted and faggotized will never have the balls to
stand up.

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