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Re: License Pastors and Priests

Von: monkey_cartman1@yahoo.com [Profil]
Datum: 10.05.2008 07:14
Message-ID: <aad0c21d-a03a-422e-8857-0ed7de664cf0@56g2000hsm.googlegroups.com>
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Poetic Justice wrote:
> monkey_cartman@yahoo.com wrote:
> >
> > Peter Franks wrote:
> >> DownThe wrote:
> >>>  > To quote Rev. Wright, the chickens are coming home to roost for
> >>>  > global warming idiots.
> >>>
> >>>
> >>> You Know with the HATE CRIME LAWS it seems that.... HATE is a violent
> >>> weapon and deserves to be REGULATED like firearms. It's time to
> >>> REGISTER and certify Pastors and Rabi's and Mullah's....
> >> Non sequitur.
> >>
> >>> We Register guns, now *lets register* Rev. Wright and Rev. Sharpton
> >>> the Zealot Preachers of LDS.
> >> Who/what is "Zealot Preachers of LDS"?
> >>
> >>> If we can regulate peoples thoughts then a
> >>> public speaker should be easy.
> >> We can't.  The fascist tries, though.
> >>
> >>> Why is the first amendment any more
> >>> special than the second amendment, if we gut the second amendment then
> >>> why is religion untouchable.
> >> Two wrongs make a right?
> >>
> >>> We license Lawyers and Plumbers, lets license Religious providers and
> >>> then regulate them too. The Liberals teach us that more Government is
> >>> the way to make them equal. In the interest of preventing a Monopoly
> >>> where the Vatican gets windfall profit.... we need to regulate.
> >> Sounds like you advocate totalitarianism -- why?
> >
> > Usually the ones who claim 'liberal' this and that are the only ones
> > who talk about having it. Not liberals.
> Liberals never talk about gun regulation?  OK.... I see your point.

Not disagreeing whatsoever. Right wingers though tend to attack the
rights that help make us free. Like when liberal type says something
that deem unpatriotic they say send em to gitmo or whatever. I think
the attempting gun regulation sucks I also think the Republicans tend
to tiptoe around the issue also. I think the NRA is nothing but a
wealth generator for a few and Republicans in congress cater to that.
As it stands Democrats, liberals are only hostile to gun rights and
not much else. You may disagree.

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