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YOU can drive the devil out of D.C. with PrayerThe Carpathia12.09.09
Living in Dangerous Times!prophet13.03.09
Mr. President George Bush, Mr. Vice President D...Joseph R Loegering26.10.08
CNN, and Time Warner; Why is there still no ho...Joseph R Loegering25.10.08
CNN, Why don't you even respond, or why will yo...Joseph R Loegering24.10.08
With no place clean, and all tables full of Vom...Joseph R Loegering22.10.08
Re: I translated this Part in Ephesians 5, wor...Joseph R Loegering21.10.08
I translated this Part in Ephesians 5, word fo...Joseph R Loegering21.10.08
The People who have taken over both US Politica...Joseph R Loegering21.10.08
It is not I that believed the deliberate lies t...Joseph R Loegering21.10.08
By using lies and by force Joseph was hated by ...Joseph R Loegering21.10.08
Your Next because your way of thinking does not...Joseph R Loegering20.10.08
They have not honestly even looked at any of ou...Joseph R Loegering20.10.08
Love is Yahweh, so we edify by Love, Loving one...Joseph R Loegering20.10.08
We have no choice but to Declare Independence f...Joseph R Loegering19.10.08
Why have you turned everything backwards? Why d...Joseph R Loegering18.10.08
Whom Yahweh Loves, Yahweh Rebukes and Corrects!Joseph R Loegering18.10.08
Description of the Governance and Goals of the...Joseph R Loegering17.10.08
Even the Evil men of Beliel want to make themse...Joseph R Loegering17.10.08
The meanings of some names!Joseph R Loegering17.10.08
The sound of our voice echoed the call to all a...Joseph R Loegering14.10.08
All Marriage Laws written and or forced upon ot...Joseph R Loegering12.10.08
What is Righteousness?Joseph R Loegering11.10.08
Who is the foretold of Anointed Adam King, the ...Joseph R Loegering11.10.08
How many Blind Leaders of the Blind, and their ...Joseph R Loegering11.10.08
How many Blind Leaders of the Blind, and their ...Joseph R Loegering11.10.08
What is it that the Global Banks and Media and ...Joseph R Loegering10.10.08
(10/9/2008 I added and rewrote a few things bec...Joseph R Loegering09.10.08
The House of God, and The Constitution of the U...Joseph R Loegering09.10.08
On the Global Scale, especially in the USA, in ...Joseph R Loegering09.10.08
King Joseph's Executive announcement of Vacanci...Joseph R Loegering08.10.08
This is a Draft rewritten 10/8/208 and other th...Joseph R Loegering08.10.08
Draft rewritten 10/7/208 to clarify things for ...Joseph R Loegering07.10.08
The Declaration of Independence and the Constit...Joseph R Loegering07.10.08
Pray for God's Will in the ElectionThe Carpathia06.10.08
To the False Preachers and False Teachers false...Joseph R Loegering06.10.08
Look at all these things this Youth did, and st...Joseph R Loegering06.10.08
Newsworthy events from the resurrected King Yah...Joseph R Loegering06.10.08
The Harvest is plenteous, pray to Yahweh the Lo...Joseph R Loegering05.10.08
Why should we let a Failed Society that cannot ...Joseph R Loegering05.10.08
Newsworthy events from the resurrected King Yah...Joseph R Loegering04.10.08
I have not been able to receive anyone's new Po...Joseph R Loegering04.10.08
Who is responsible for hijacking our Government...Joseph R Loegering04.10.08
O Zion, I am come to bend your Weapons of War i...Joseph R Loegering03.10.08
The Foreign and Domestic Enemies of our Republi...Joseph R Loegering02.10.08
can you also see the forrest or only the trees?Kirk Gregory Czuhai02.10.08
obama=mccain=bush=clinton=bush, HTTP://FINGER.H...Kirk Gregory Czuhai02.10.08
O Praise Yahweh, Within Ray-seeth, within there...Joseph R Loegering01.10.08
The Global Great Merchant of Babylon want you t...Joseph R Loegering30.09.08
O Praise Yahweh, the deliverance of the Poor an...Joseph R Loegering29.09.08