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IDF Shoot out Peaceful Protestor's Eye

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Artist Loses Eye as Israeli Border Police Intentionally Target Demonstrators
Palestine Monitor
3 June 2010

U.S. visual artist and activist Emily Henochowicz is recovering from
reconstructive surgery after she was hit in the face with a tear gas
canister fired directly at her by Israeli Border Police at Qalandiya
checkpoint, near Ramallah.

21 year old Henochowicz was attending one of the many demonstrations
which took place across the West Bank in response to Israel’s Flotilla
Massacre, when she was hit in the face with the tear gas canister
destroying her left eye. She is now situated in Hassadah hospital,
Jerusalem where she has been receiving treatment, including two
surgeries, to insert metal plates into her face and to wire her jaw.

Henochowicz’s sister, Sarah issued a statement on Tuesday saying "the
surgery was successful and she is currently recuperating in Hadassah
Hospital. Thank you for your kind words and support, my family and I
greatly appreciate it. Her father is by her side and will bring her home
as soon as she is able to travel”. A friend who visited Henochowicz on
Wednesday reported that “she is better, though she is in more pain now
and is very upset.”

An Israeli activist who was with Henochowicz at the demonstration said
“she lost her eye pretty much on the spot”. The tear gas canister also
caused considerable facial damage, including fractures to the bone
around the eye-socket, cheek and jaw. The injury will leave 21 year old
Henochowicz, a talented visual artist studying at Cooper Union, New
York, without the full sight she relies on to do her creative work.

Her recent work, available online at http://thirstypixels.blogspot.com/
is inspired by her experiences in Palestine and Israel where she has
been working as an activist for over a month. Henochowicz came to the
region on a student exchange program in Jerusalem, but gave this up
in-order to dedicate her time activism with the International Solidarity

Outrage over Israel’s actions on the Gaza Flotilla led to widespread
international protest with peaceful demonstrations taking place across
the globe. The West Bank was the site of a number of such protests.
According to ISM activists around 100 Palestinian and International
demonstrators gathered spontaneously at Qalandiya around midday on
Monday, carrying different international flags to represent those killed
in the Flotilla Massacre. The four ISM volunteers present say they were
standing peacefully, when low intensity clashes broke out with a handful
of Palestinian youths, at which point the international activists retreated.

Despite their distance from the youths, and their completely non-violent
action at the protest, the International activists say they were
targeted directly by Israeli Border Police, who fired three 40mm
aluminum canisters at them in quick succession.

“The kids were maybe 20 metres from the fence and we were 40 metres from
the fence, completely to the left, on the opposite side of the road.
There’s no way it could have been an accident” insisted Laura, an ISM
activist who was demonstrating with Emily. According to the Anarchists
Against the Wall activist, Jonathan Pollak, who was also present at the
demonstration “Emily was only 10 or 15 meters away from the Border
Police which means the impact was very severe, the velocity was very
high. These things are accurate: they shot at her”.

“Their code of conduct states that they are supposed to be fired in a 60
degree arched trajectory. They are not allowed, under any circumstances,
to be used as a projectile aimed to hit people like they very often use
them” said Pollak. The international activists present at the protest
claim that Border Police breached this codes of conduct however: “They
were shot directly, totally directly. There was no arch on these ones”
stated Johansson, who was standing with Henochowicz when she was shot.

Emily joins many other activists currently recovering from serious
injuries endured whilst engaging in peaceful demonstration. In May,
Hasen Brejieyah from the West Bank village of Al Ma’asara suffered a
serious head injury when he was shot with a tear gas canister. In Bi’lin
the month before, Imad Rizka from Jaffa suffered a fractured skull and a
brain hemorrhage when a high velocity tear gas canister was fired
directly into the crowd and one year before the same type of canister
killed Basem Abu Rahma in Bi’lin.

American Activist Tristan Anderson is still making a slow recovery after
suffering severe brain damage as a result of a tear gas canister injury
in early 2009.

Despite widespread media coverage of these incidents, particularly when
the victims are international, Israeli Occupying Forces continue to
threaten the lives of peaceful demonstrators using extremely hazardous
and potentially-lethal methods of crowd dispersal inappropriately and
contrary to their own regulations.

Article written by Nicky Elliott for Palestine Monitor.

Dan Clore

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