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Hitler was right about France!

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Datum: 07.06.2010 21:33
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"From the purely territorial point of view, the area of the German Reich
vanishes completely as compared with that of the so-called world powers. Let
no one cite England as a proof to the contrary, for England in reality is
merely the great capital of the British world empire which calls nearly a
quarter of the earth's surface its own. In addition, we must regard as giant
states, first of all the American Union, then Russia and China. All are
spatial formations having in part an area more than ten times greater than
the present German Reich. And even France must be counted among these
states. Not only that she complements her army to an ever-increasing degree
from her enormous empire's reservoir of colored humanity, but racially as
well, she is making such great progress in negrification that we can
actually speak of an African state arising on European soil. The colonial
policy of present-day France cannot be compared with that of Germany in the
past. If the development of France in the present style were to be continued
for three hundred years, the last remnants of Frankish blood would be
submerged in the developing European-African mulatto state. An immense
self-contained area of settlement from the Rhine to the Congo, filled with a
lower race gradually produced from continuous bastardization." - Adolf
Hitler, Mein Kampf, Volume I - A Reckoning Chapter XIV: Eastern Orientation
or Eastern Policy

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