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Re: Incredible. While you white boys are into movies and pot, 54% of babies born in Paris are black(not counting Arabs, who are the other half).

Von: Big Boss Crowther (and-real3@live.com) [Profil]
Datum: 07.06.2010 03:07
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On Jun 6, 7:42 pm, "Kingo Gondo" <kingo_nospam_go...@gmail.org>
> "Big Boss Crowther" <and-re...@live.com> wrote in
> > Can you believe 'ethnic data' are outlawed in France!! So much for
> > France being a democracy!!!
> >http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t710867/
> Cool, you finally made it all the way to Nazi websites. Congrats, Gaza--I
> knew you could do it!

While it is true that stormfront.org is a shit neo-nazi site, it is
covering a story that other media outlets refuse to report. Don't you
get it, moron?  After the older Frenchmen die, and as blacks have more
and more babies, Paris will be freaking like Detroit in 50 yrs? That
doesn't bother you?

I wish it weren't stormfront covering this.  I don't go to their site
and I don't like neonazi shit.
But i heard someone say 54% of babies born in Paris are black, and I
googled i and found a bunch of sites that covered the story.
Stormfront was one of them.
The real question is why isn't NY Times or NBC or CBS or CNN covernig

I don't get it.  US media say it's okay for Israel to do whatever to
fight for its right to exist as a Jewish nation.
But evidently the same media don't believe European nations don't have
a right to stay European or white.

But your dumbass moronic self will refuse to consider the truth cuz
it's ohhhhh 'wacist'.
Are you sooo afraid of that dumbass word?

When even a big balled guy like gondo has no will to survive as a
race, well, you know what's up with rest of whitey kind.  It is indeed
the end.

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