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Datum: 29.09.2007 14:47
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Nealus wrote:

> Hello folks,
> Some months ago I attended a collectors fayre of sorts and came across a
> chap who had a good deal of pulps amongst which was a copy of 'Famous
> Fantastic Mysteries' which contained the story 'Skull Face' by RE Howard.
> It had a cracking cover of an emaciated, ghoulish head reaching out to the
> viewer and nice aged cracks running around the spine. The sort of stuff
> that would horrify you collector types.
> I thought it would look great framed up but I was on the skids at the time
> and couldn't afford the £40 price tag. When the Fayre next comes to town
> and if it's still available I endeavour to go back and purchase that book.
> But could any of you guys tell me- is the  'Famous Fantastic Mysteries'
> the first appearance of the story Skull face and if it's not available
> does anyone know where I could get one?
> Actually, It occurred to me recently that I haven't actually read Skull
> face and I'm just in the mood. There's been a glut of Howard reprints
> lately, could anyone point me to one which contains this story?
> Cheers folks,
> Nealus


Almost no copy of FFM is worth $40.  Even with Howard in it.  It's a reprint
vehicle, reprinting stories from previous pulp magazines.  And, in the
condition you describe, it would most likely be worth about $2-$4, at most.
That particular issue is near the end of the run for the title, dated
December 1952.  You really shouldn't have much of a problem getting it.

The book probably comes up on ebay once in a while.  You can also go to some
pulp convention, where it's quite likely to be there in good or better
condition for a few dollars.

You can also try some pulp dealers to see if they have a copy.  Check out
Adventure House on their web site as one dealer.  There are others.


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