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Re: Pulp Adventurecon: NOVEMBER 7 in NJ

Von: Phantom21 (phantom21@mindspring.com) [Profil]
Datum: 09.10.2007 12:08
Message-ID: <13gmko21cqag9ce@corp.supernews.com>
Newsgroup: alt.pulp
Pulps 1st will be there, selling Pulp Image Cover CDs, some pulps (I have
some inexpensive SF pulps priced for sale, plus the first issues of Captain
Future and G-Men, Doc Savage - including Nov. 1933 - a couple of Shadow
pulps, and I'll also have some Golden Age Batman, Action, Superman, and
some Silver Age comic books for sale.

And I might have my newest product, Pulp Calendars!

A lot of very nice stuff


BoldVenture wrote:

> It's that time again ... a day of buying, selling - and perhaps even
> trading?? - pulp magazines and vintage paperbacks in Bordentown, NJ,
> just outside the state capital of Trenton.
> The show is at the Ramada Inn, and and it couldn't be easier to
> find ... 50 yards away from the Exit 7 off the New Jersey Turnpike.
> We'll have the usual stalwarts like Nick Certo, Scott Hartshorn, John
> Gunnison of Adventure House, Gary Lovisi, Dave Kurzman, plus a few new
> faces behind dealer tables.  There's 50 tables of pulp treasures, and
> the admission is a miserly $5 ...  Not sure what the dealers are
> bringing, but maybe some of them can enlighten us here on alt.pulp.
> Show takes place November 7th from 10am - 5pm ... more information is
> available at www.boldventurepress.com ... help spread the word, if you
> see a book or fannish website with a calendar of book events.  We're
> arranging a room rate for anyone who stays over friday and/or saturday
> evening.
> Get those want lists ready ...

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