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Re: Pulp heroes in the comics

Von: Phantom21 (phantom21@mindspring.com) [Profil]
Datum: 16.01.2008 11:45
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One reason the hero in the Mask story was not the Black Bat was Thrilling
(the publisher of the Black Bat in the pulps) and DC and made an agreement.
They had both come out in 1939, very close to each other and were
threatening to sue each other over copyright infringement, etc.  When they
realized the characters had been developed independently, they agreed
Batman would never be published in the pulps (the publisher of Detective
comics had and was still publishing pulps, so not a stretch to see it
happen at the time), and Thrilling wouldn't make a comic book our of The
Black Bat.


Bill Jackson wrote:

> I downloaded a golden age comic called Exciting Comics from a
> newsgroup, and the first story is "the Mask Strikes", but it is
> actually the first Black Bat story. The "mask" in this first story is
> a kind of moth-eaten owl-looking thing, but it is the Black Bat, down
> to having Silk and Butch as helpers.
> The second story is about a science fiction character named Major
> Mars, who, along with his robot Grag, must stop the insidious Space
> Emperor from devolving people into apes.
> While I can't seem to find them right now, I also have stories about
> "X-The Phantom Fed" by Brand (and that is B-r-a-n-d) House, and a
> joker called The Raven, who is Robin Hood type who robs from the rich
> to give to the poor. This Raven character is really a police
> detective, and is engaged to the daughter of the man whose job it is
> to hunt The Raven down. The only bit of evidence is a thumb print left
> by The Raven at the scene of one of his crimes. Just like The Moon
> Man.
> I also have my suspicions that The Sphinx is actually The Phantom
> Detective, but I haven't read enough of them to be sure.
> Okay, I knew about Doc Savage, The Shadow, The Green Lama and The
> Black Hood being in comics, but this group surprised me. Does anyone
> know of any other examples of pulkp characgter having comci book
> versions like this (and does nyone know for sure about The Sphinx)?

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