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PLAYLIST: "Two-Fer Tuesday...With A Twist" Free Radio Jackson 10/27

Von: Free Radio Jackson (freeradiojackson@nospamyahoo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 28.10.2009 12:06
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I'm Aaron Childs. I host Free Radio Jackson, an internet radio station based
out of Jackson, Michigan.   On Free Radio Jackson, I play a mixture of
blues, rock, jazz, alternative, electronica, roots rock/americana, reggae
and ska, etc.

Tuesday's show is "Two-Fer Tuesday.. With A Twist!"  we play two songs by
the same artists, or two different versions of the same tune  (hence 'the

The show starts Midnight eastern time Monday night/Tuesday morning and
repeats continuously until Midnight eastern time Tuesday night/Wednesday
morning, so you can tune in and catch it anytime.   Here's the playlist from
that show.  The contact info is at the bottom.

Hope you enjoy reading this, and I hope you tune in to listen sometime!

Artist, "Song Title"

Rush  "Time Stands Still"

Rush  "Subdivisions"

Marina Vittoria  "The Girl In The Box"

Marina Vittoria  "Long Ago And Far Away"

Al Polito  "It Was A Very Good Year"

Al Polito "What I'm Talking About"

Son House  "Death Letter Blues  (live)"

The White Stripes  "Death Letter Blues"

Jimmy Shellberg  "Alley Cat"

Jimmy Shellberg  "Tara"

Chris Cameron  "Autoglide"

Chris Cameron  "Medicine Man"

Joy Division  "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

New Order  "Regret"

Elevation 74  "Ain't That The Way"

Elevation 74  "Looking At You"

The Painted iD  "The Logic Of Desire"

The Painted iD  "Rici"

Bob Dylan  "Like A Rolling Stone"

The Rolling Stones  "Like A Rolling Stone  (live)"

Bear Mountain Picnic  "Flood"

Bear Mountain Picnic  "Song About Danny"

Velvet Hammer  "What You Think"

Velvet Hammer  "Come Down"

Simply Red  "For Your Babies"

Simply Red  "Something Got Me Started"

Funkus  "Dealt A Queen"

Funkus  "Smiley Garcia"

Better Chemistry  "One Night Stand"

Better Chemistry  "Asphalt"

The Animals  "We Gotta Get Out of This Place"

Jello Biafra w/ DOA  "We Gotta Get Out of This Place"

Core  "Set In Stone"

Core  "Devil Song"

5 Spite  "Shotgun Mouth"

5 Spite  "Government Fornication"

Missed a playlist?  You can read our previous playlists as well as read
special announcements at our Myspace Blog section!


Are you a musician and think your music would fit my show? Send a cd and
contact info (cassettes or vinyl NOT accepted) to:

Free Radio Jackson

c/o Aaron Childs

616 N. Pleasant St.

Jackson, Michigan 49202

Thank you and have a great day!

Aaron Childs
Host, Free Radio Jackson



Free Radio Jackson endorses Scarab 49201. "Keeping It Local" with links to
arts and music plus much, much more here in Jackson, Michigan.



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