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PLAYLIST: Free Radio Jackson 10/28 - 10/29

Von: Free Radio Jackson (freeradiojackson@nospamyahoo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 31.10.2009 13:11
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I'm Aaron Childs. I host Free Radio Jackson, an internet radio station based
out of Jackson, Michigan.   On Free Radio Jackson, I play a mixture of
blues, rock, jazz, alternative, electronica, roots rock/americana, reggae
and ska, etc.
It's the middle of the week, and to help you survive until the weekend we've
got a  special feature on this show: The  Psychedelic Six-Pack  (more on
that below).
The show starts midnight eastern Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and repeats
continuously until Midnight eastern time Thursday night/Friday morning, so
you can tune in and catch it anytime.
Here's the playlist from that show.  The contact info is at the bottom. Hope
you enjoy reading this, and I hope you tune in to listen sometime!
Artist, "Song Title"
The Stranglers  "Nice In Nice"
Let's Go Bowling  "Days Are All The Same"
Mariel  "Cruel Scorpio"
Jason Falkner  "She's Not The Enemy"
King Hammond  "Right On, King Hammond"
Crazyfoot  "I Want Out (live)"

Echo & The Bunnyman  "Lips Like Sugar"
pH Balance  "Speak To My Face"
Jeffrey Halford  "On A Roll"
Savoy Brown  "Tell Mama"
The Wanda Watson Band  "Big Blue Sky"
The Julia Set  "Burning Building"

Muddy Waters  "Trouble No More"
Ellen Rosner  "Monkey"
Onoffon  "Alley Want"
Three Dog Night  "Never Been To Spain"
Neglected Sheep  "Janda"
Electric Daydream  "Angelic  (live)"

UB40  "One In Ten"
Long John Hunter  "Rooster And The Hen"
Pete's Life As A Dog!  "Bad Hair Day"
Love  "You Set the Scene"
The Stone Roses  "I Wanna Be Adored"
Rail  "Long Way From Home"

Aerosmith  "Walkin' The Dog"
Monte Montgomery  "Mirror"
The Garage Boys  "Oh So Fine"
McAuley/Schenker Group  "Follow The Night"
Seventeen  "Captain Tito"
Aaron Saloman  "Muse's Whip"

"The Psychedelic Six-Pack"
It's pretty self explanatory.  We play six songs of psychedelic nature (or
loosely psychedelic nature) from the original psychedelic garage bands of
the 60's, through the kraut rock and progressive/art rock bands of the 70's,
through the psychedelic revivalists/revisionists of the 80's, and into the
shoe-gazers, trip-hop, and  electronica artists of the 90's and this decade.
We'll also throw in anything else that's kind of trippy and cool, too!
Pink Floyd  "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun"
Led Zeppelin  "Dazed and Confused"
The Red Hot Chili Peppers  "Breaking The Girl"
Ministry  "The Fall"
The Doors  "When the Music's Over"
The Grateful Dead  "Truckin'"

Missed a playlist?  You can read our previous playlists as well as read
special announcements at our Myspace Blog section!

Are you a musician and think your music would fit my show? Send a cd and
contact info (cassettes or vinyl NOT accepted) to:
Free Radio Jackson
c/o Aaron Childs
616 N. Pleasant St.
Jackson, Michigan 49202
Thank you and have a great day!

Aaron Childs
Host, Free Radio Jackson

Free Radio Jackson endorses Scarab 49201. "Keeping It Local" with links to
arts and music plus much, much more here in Jackson, Michigan.

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